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The understanding of the great value of a long historic tradition has drawn Rancilio , after celebrating at 2007, 80 years of continual activity in the hands of the RANCILIO family, to a cherished project. The protection and improvement of the legacy and archive of the company. An exhibition space was created reflecting the economical and cultural activities of Rancilio and emphasizing the influence of the firm on the area of location and the tradition, due to the emplacement at the same the factory where manufacturing took place. In this way offering a way to endow the values of the firms culture and views.

The act of uniting between Officina Rancilio 1926 and Musei Impresa derive from the understanding of the importance to bring the industrial culture to a new perception in order to create a sensibility towards the history of economics, of labor, and of the products culture. Rancilio always believed in the significant power of history, of tradition and of the heroes responsible, in past and nowadays, to the growing of a firm.